Exhibit 2.19

Some of my favorite moments and lines from Autobiography of Red:

"Black central stalled night. He lay hot and motionless, that is, motion
was a memory he could not recover
(among others) from the bottom of the vast blind kitchen where he was buried."

"He thought about how delicious it was, how he liked slippery foods, how slipperiness can be of different kinds.
I am a philosopher of sandwiches, he decided. Things good on the inside."

caught her other arm, it was like a handful of autumn. He felt huge and wrong."

"He had not realized until he found himself stranded in it high above the Andes
halfway to Lima that the novel he'd bought
in the Buenos Aires airport was pornographic. It made him furious with himself
to be stirred by dull sentences like,
Gladys slid a hand under her nightgown and began to caress her own thighs. Gladys!"

"New Ending.
All over the world the beautiful red breezes went on blowing hand
in hand."

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Dusty said...

I like that part too because my paternal grandmother's name was Gladys and thus the name is unscarrable.