Exhibit 23.11

Personal Safety Alert

So I mentioned the university here sends out emails whenever the neighborhood it hates so much encroaches on its precious learning environment. Usually these personal safety alerts aren't quite so funny/racially problematic. This one, however:

Suspect Description: Black male approximately 19 years of age. Short statue, thin build, dark complexion, hair style like worn by actor Will Smith. Wearing a black hoody and blue jeans.

So, to sum up, a black guy with hair allegedly robbed someone who was unfamiliar with the work of the more age appropriate Nick Cannon.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.


Anonymous said...

Um, hello, the only problem with this email is that it didn't say "hair style like worn by President Barack Obama." What kind of ignorant institution is this?


A. Peterson said...

I just hope Denzel is okay being left out of this discussion.

O, and I didn't even notice 'short statue.' Apparently the robber came directly from the Sam Houston memorial gift shop.