Exhibit 16.18

It's like I'm in some horrible future where it's too late to stop myself from doing this. Last one, I swear.

I'm back today. By which I mean I haven't left yet.

Exhibit - GRE Literature Test study material

Exhibit 5.22 - That time my fortune cookie talked me out of learning Chinese.

Exhibit 10.12 - Okay, so this one actually isn't so old but it's one of the better photo ones and it hits on a relevant topic for me: hotmail has changed their interface for approximately the one millionth time in the last year. I might have to finally switch to the gmail account I've had for years and never use. It's going to be hard to give up the embarrassing email address I've had since 1998, but this new format is killing me. And there aren't any dogs with headsets anymore. It's like they forgot what they were all about.

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