Exhibit 16.17

This is so self-congratulatory that I really should stop. In any case, I'm glad we all agreed that we're never going to talk about that time I linked to my own blog over and over.

Exhibit 5.9 - Madison!

Exhibit 3.1 - This is what I was thinking about football in September of 2007. You definitely don't need to read this, but it does sum up my feelings on Randy Moss here: He's like Superman only if Superman had a lingering hamstring problem and sometimes said things like, "I don't need to save everyone. I just have to save people when it counts." Yep.

Exhibit 6.5 - Here's the story of the time junky mouse sacrificers moved into the apartment.

Exhibit 5.4 - The first hint that something was wrong with the Petersons. Note: this was before that guy named Adam Peterson killed someone.

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