Exhibit 26.27

The Silence

It's pretty simple: I lost all my music. I suppose I thought I had my computer backed up on my iPod and my iPod backed up on my computer, the only flaw in this arrangement being that I kept these two items in the same place. This place was in a home with a window. This window ceased to be a window at some point and became something more like a robber-shaped hole. This is called evolution.

Here's what I want from you:
* Your favorite albums
* Your favorite songs mixed as if on some kind of tape

I thought it might be good to see what friends/strangers/etc. send me instead of trying to meticulously recreate my old library. I mean, I know I had mostly Better than Ezra songs but which ones exactly?

This will be an improvement. We'll learn something about each other. I'm excited.


Adam Peterson
2417 Yupon St.
Houston, TX 77006

Also, please resist the temptation to rob me. That would jerky.


jimStock said...

Great, I've been looking for an opportunity to offload my wife's copy of the 'Ally McBeal' Soundtrack. (seriously)

julee said...

you had "good", "desperately wanting", and "rosealia" and that is it. will send immediately.

Pete said...

In The Blood is the best Better than Ezra song.

I have a flash drive of music coming for you.