Exhibit 19.11

I was excited when I got the flier for the Monster Sale until I found out it was really about underware. I mean, I was still pretty excited but I had to change the drawing.


A. Peterson said...

I'd like everyone to know that drawing a monster on a slip of paper stuck under my door is what I did today instead of writing, reading, or feeding Brett.

Mathias Svalina said...

Did you get any contemporary underware? Or did you get any underwear? Anything contemporary?

christopher higgs said...

What are "Latin and Multicultural Sevices"?

At first I thought is was Latin and Multicultural Services, which would obviously refer to something erotic; but I'm curious about this word "Sevices." Maybe it's a rare fish?

Rare fish and contemporary underware. That's one hell of a sale!

I wish I was still in Lincoln.