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The new volume of The Cupboard is now available.

A New Map of America
by Louis Streitmatter
edited by James Brubaker

1 tape-bound volume designed by Beth Sullivan
$5/individual, $15/subscription

The Cupboard is pleased to present A New Map of America by Louis Streitmatter and edited by James Brubaker, a guide for a nation’s lost and grateful citizens.

"An intricate and poetic mystery—as pretentious as it is lovely."–Sir Jonathan R. Alpert, British Royal Cartographers' Association

More than thirty years in the making, renowned cartographer Louis Streitmatter's A New Map of America is at last here for a nation of lost and grateful citizens. In this book—containing the controversial map as well as the cartographer's notes on the many landmarks he's surveyed—Streitmatter unveils a new contour to this country's surfaces and boundaries. The result is a generous guide for any weary traveler. Read it. Use It. Keep it in your pockets.

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4 volumes of The Cupboard runs $15. That’s not so bad. Here.

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