Exhibit 14.25

Medical services I might take advantage of in the coming benefit year because our new insurance company says I can:

*18 spinal manipulation visits
*60 days of nursing home care
*Prosthetic devices up to $7,500
*Other manipulative therapies
*Elective sterilization
*Infertility diagnosis (you know, to make sure it took)
*Durable medical equipment (DME) up to $4,000

The next time you see me I'm going to be so much more oxygenated and sterile it's not even going to be funny.

Okay, the sterilization might be a little funny.


elisabeth said...

i'm glad you have so little confidence in your sterilization doctor as to require an infertility diagnosis thereafter.

julee said...

"Other manipulative therapies"
does this have something to do with glen gary glen ross or becoming a used car salesman? They definitely taught us some forms of this at my last place of employment. "That's not a bug it is a feature."

christopher higgs said...

I don't know why, but "60 days of nursing home care" made me laugh out loud wholeheartedly.

I think there is a story to be constructed from such a premise.

ps- happy holidays, hope you are well.