Exhibit 11.11

I've officially done this blog for an entire year now. When I started, I told myself I'd do it for a year and see how it went. As it would be a shame to disappoint the two people who read this nonsense, I'm going to keep going indefinitely.

There have been so many memories. Remember that time I did that thing with the Robert Creeley poem? Or posted a picture of Brett? Or railed against The Magician's Assistant? Yep, it's been one crazy year.

It's tough to say what my favorite post is, but it's hard to beat this one, frankly.


christopher higgs said...

I think this was my favorite post from last year.

Anonymous said...

I like that one too. And REDBELT plot synopsis was a hit for sure.

Mathias Svalina said...

my vote is for the evil dog

carlinthemarlin said...

I liked the one about the retarded chap who buys a clunker.