Exhibit 1.4.10


I need you to know that I now own a wok.

It's like my best friend.

I call it Wok-uin Phoenix.

My fridge is full of leftover noodle and rice dishes.

Sometimes I season the wok just for fun.

I say the word patina a lot.

I don't blog.

I keep hoping lightning will hit a tree so I can carve a wok paddle out of it.

When I'm watching baseball and here the word "walk" I get up and make stirfry.

I nod at Asians.

I judge people based on the amount of fish sauce they have.

I think about whether or not fish have woks.

I'm already thinking about buying a better wok.

I'd name this one River Phoenix.

I couldn't do that to my wok.


Anders Peterson said...

You wonderful, hilarious man/fish saucy s.o.b.

Dave Madden said...

What I like about this post is how through humor and sentencing you're trying to hide your sense of pride in now owning a wok and, like, letting it serve as some kind of symbol for being a grownup.

Congratulations, Adam, on your wok purchase.

Jaclyn said...

I have a wok, and I totally love it, even though I don't use it. I have a cookbook called "101 Thing You Can Make in a Wok". You can have it if you want because it sounds like you would put it to much better use.