Exhibit 1.3.3

This Exists

And you need to know about it. Look, I know it's my fault for buying Pop-Tarts in the first place, and maybe I was wrong to expect so much of the good folks at Kellogg's, but this crosses a line.

I don't want to say anything controversial here, but I strongly believe this is worse than manslaughter.

My favorite part can't even be seen here which is that the recipe--O, yes, there's a real recipe on the inside of the box, in case you couldn't figure it out from the picture in the moments before you had to look away--liberally uses the word 'carefully.' You are to carefully spread the marshmallow creme. Also the peanut better. Then you are to sprinkle the "candy-coated chocolate pieces"--carefully--before carefully transferring to a wire rack.

They were trying to warn us.

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jimStock said...

This is the Lance Berkman of snacks.