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This is the subject line of an email sent to the creative writing program listserve:

This is not a joke. Some foundation at the university bought a shrimp boat and the CWP is really, really excited about it. And in case you think I'm somehow making fun of this enthusiasm for shrimp boat-based writing pedagogy, I'm not, not as long as the course is one long series of metaphors about being the captain of one's own writing, navigating the treacherous waters of revision, and fishing for inspiration. Also, the final exam should probably cover port and starboard.

If you're interested, there is--shockingly--still room in the class. O, and by room in the class, I mean berths in the class.

Shrimp boat!

Disclaimer: I'm sure the shrimp boat is actually a great idea for connecting with the local gulf community or whatever the rationale is. I just happen to think the phrase shrimp boat is funny. Please don't pull my funding. I love you, CWP Shrimp Boat.

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Dave Madden said...

Let me be the first to ask whether Captain Dan is teaching a workshop on said shrimp boat.