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* In honor of yesterday's National Coming Out Day, you'll want to read Dave Madden's coming out story on his blog here. It's touching stuff though, I have to admit, I'm a little bummed to discover his "You will never, ever amount to anything..." sign was somehow indicative of his unhappiness. Who knew? That used to be my favorite thing about Dave. Maybe it still is.

* It's not exactly a coming out story--more self discovery?--but coincidentally I am teaching David Sedaris's "I Like Guys" from Naked in my class this week. Hadn't read/heard it in awhile but it's one of my favorites and students always seem into it. You should listen to him read it here. It starts about 3 minutes in.

* There's a new issue of the Denver Quarterly out and it's powerful awesome. I've only read around, but Shane McCrae's stuff is, as always, fantastic.

* I also was a big fan of Nathan Hill's very sweet story which includes this moment, "After she falls asleep, she stirs and rolls over and yawns widely and a small white mouse crawls out of her mouth."

* By the way, have you looked at the books the Poetry Center at CSU has out or forthcoming? Um, wow. Michael Dumanis and the rest of the folks there are...I don't know. What would the kids say? Killing it? They're killing something, that's for sure. Despair. They're probably killing despair.

* Next time I feel like saying something about MFA programs, I'm just going to buy one of their books. You should do the same thing. This way we won't be horrible people.

* O, and I have a few short shorts in the Denver Quarterly but you really shouldn't worry about that. They're mostly notable for including one that no one can tell my grandma about. It has nothing to do with her, I just, um, maybe borrowed her name. And maybe I said everyone with that name has extra toes. Maybe.

* But in my defense, it's a good name and I'm very sorry. My grandma does not have extra toes (as far as I know).

* Seriously, don't tell her.

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