Exhibit 26.25


* The Cupboard Summer Sale - it's ending soon. $12/subscriptions, $3/volumes.

* I've been reading through these poems all morning instead of finding a place to live. I'm really good at not finding places to live.

* Yesterday in coffeeshopping, a man came in with a Starbucks cup and turned on a TV that was in the corner. This was not a Starbucks. The man then flipped channels until finding Hidalgo which he seemed really excited about. Unfortunately, the barista then came over, yelled at the man by name, and told the man he was sick of this. The man then left without asking the barista what exactly he was sick of. The TV watching? The Starbucks? The Viggo Mortensen? It was the most exhilarating 30 seconds of my day.

* In order to understand this, I had to wikipedia Twitter and find out what RT and hashtag meant. Still, #edibleshortstories is fun. I would go with "A Good Day for Bananafish" but that's, you know, already the title.

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