Exhibit 26.15

Apartment Searching

That's what I'm doing instead of writing some long celebration of how Jose Guillen is both no longer on the Royals and no longer barred from marrying whomever he wants in California. Okay, so both of those things aren't fully settled but indications are good. Jose Guillen can now strike out alone to explore a more loving society.

And it's too bad I'm searching for apartments because I'm full of other Jose-Guillen-is-terrible and marriage equality-related wordplay: Hopefully everyone on the right side of the playing field has seen the error of their intolerance. If Guillen doesn't like the direction we're moving in, he should get on the base about the poor showing. This swing-for-the-fences decision made a double play for his heart and his mind. He can no longer run from acknowledging the public's shifting opinion. Sadly for him, he didn't have the power to change yesterday's outcome. He's bad at baseball.

I'll admit the wordplay sort of broke down there at the end. But a good two days for everyone all the same.

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