Exhibit 24.24

Basketball Team

Those are The Amateurs, the basketball team I was a part of this spring. We lost in the third round of the playoffs after going undefeated in the regular season. You can tell I had nothing to do with these accomplishments because I wasn't even given a uniform. I did, however, manage to make my own out of a similarly colored shirt. After that, they had to let me play.

It's called team spirit. I never want to have it again.

I stuck with jeans because I thought they looked cooler when I was sitting on the bench or looking confused whenever the ref said something. Mostly I was hoping that at some point I'd fall down and tear holes in the jeans organically so I would have something to nonchalantly mention at coffee shops. This is what coach told us to do. Unfortunately, I never fell down or jumped up so now I'll have to cut out squares myself with scissors. Everyone will know. My decaf extra-whip caramel macchiatto will go cold as I try to make it last long enough for someone to ask me about my cool uniform...

Or something. In any case, it was fun and, while I really am terrible at basketball, I'm sorry it's over.


jimStock said...

How did you get late-90's Steve Nash on that team?? (you can tell its late-90's due to the half-Canadian Tuxedo)

Dusty said...

You totally love talking about how much/well you play basketball. Basketball has become this blog's new candybars.