Exhibit 23.5


* Great, so now I have to move to Manhattan and marry Lynn True. This video in the Times pretty much sums why I find redeeming value in football (and even how I watch it).

* Fellow Houstonite Laura-Eve has a blog you should be reading here. I wanted to post this link with her cover of R. Kelly's "Ignition Remix" but instead you'll just have to watch the karaoke version of the real thing:

Maybe I should link to R. Kelly's blog instead now? I don't know, I assume both blogs are mostly about Judaism and Top Chef.

* Speaking of Houston people, another UH person's blog is here. I don't know if he wants his name connected to it or not. Also, did you know we elected an openly gay mayor yesterday? We did. Your move, Austin.

* Not a link, but I thought I would provide a beard update. It's now day five and I'm pretty sure if I wasn't doing these posts or going out of the way to work my beard into otherwise unrelated conversations no one would know I was growing one.
I decided to add eyebrows for comparison purposes. You might have noticed. It's the same reason I added them in real life.

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