Exhibit 21.8

About Having an Ice Maker

I don't know for certain, but I assume it's exactly like having a child. I think about the ice maker in class. I take time out of my day to make sure everything with the ice maker is okay. I hear it make noise as I'm reading and feel comforted because if it's quiet too long my heart races.

I guess I assumed ice makers shut themselves off. Maybe some do. The one I have--the first ice maker I've lived with as an adult--will just keep making ice until it consumes the world. You're lucky I realized this when it was just my fish sticks and frozen waffles that were consumed. But someday it will come for yours, too.

You know ice-nine in Cat's Cradle? It's like that--exactly like that--only minus the nine. Our sole weapon against it is the large Roy Rogers. We're going to need prayer and grenadine.

(Ed note: by this weekend I should be over my fascination with my new city, apartment, and appliances. Some time after sharing my thoughts about my dishwasher, I will revert back to whatever I wrote about before. You know, books and candy bars and what not).


jimStock said...

I just assumed all ice-makers in Texas would have seceded from their freezers.

Jaclyn said...

Adam, this post is old but it speaks to me so that I feel I have to comment. I have very strong feelings about ice and ice makers so it makes me so happy to see that you have devoted an entire post to them.