Exhibit 20.4

Conversation of Elderly Rowmates Overheard on Plane Concerning Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper

Man: What's that book about?
Woman: Oh, there's this husband and wife who have a daughter with cancer and they decide to have another daughter just so she can donate things to the first one.
Man: Does that work?
Woman: Well they choose a sperm and an egg that will make things match.
Man (looking suspicious): Hmm.
Woman: Then the second daughter hires a lawyer.
Man (opening up paper, looking bored): She hires a lawyer, huh?
Woman: Yes, a lawyer. She doesn't want to donate a kidney so she sues her own parents. In the end you find out...
Man (suddenly animated): Don't ruin it for me, Betty!

(Minutes later)
Betty: Oh, and they have a son, too. I didn't mention that.

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jimStock said...

Did you get the impression these rowmates have been rowing since, say, college? I would have guessed crew creates life long bonds and healthy people that live longer, resulting in a disproportionate amount of elderly rowmen/rowwomen.