Exhibit 19.8

Hey, everyone, it's The Chapbook Review! It's full of great reviews of your favorite chapbooks (like the Calls' Pocket Finger) and an interview conducted by Lakers fan Chris Higgs of (presumably non-Lakers fan) Blake Butler and vice versa. And it just so happens to have two different reviews of Mathias Svalina's Play (which, as always, you can pick up here).

Matthew Simmons says, "It’s a madcap little book, by turns funny and disturbing."

And Andrew Borgstrom says, "Mathias Svalina intimidates me. I’m scared to review his book."

Both of the reviews are super nice as is the site itself which is such a great idea that I'm still a little upset you didn't think of it.


John Madera said...

Thanks for the shine on The Chapbook Review!

christopher higgs said...

Tomorrow night we begin what should hopefully be a clean sweep of Orlando - and a restoration of the NBA championship to its rightful owners.

LA in four.