Exhibit 17.2

Las Vegas Photos

So I took my camera out for approximately 4 hours yesterday at which point I took photos of things that were neither people nor Vegas-specific. So my camera is basically a job I've gotten myself, a job I put off until I have so little time that I can neither filter what my id wants to shoot nor turn off my camera's macro function.

I hate buffets, but I think I might have actually gotten my money's worth in coffee and orange juice alone. For the rest of the day, my hands shook (but not because of scurvy!)

I found the place where you should go for Denver Broncos games and dead fish. You're welcome.

Chocolate croissant? Everybody's a winner. For the rest of the day, my hands shook (but not because of hunger [and still not scurvy!])

This was just a sticker on the street that I thought was fascinating because I had no idea if it was A) Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Jesus or B) Anti-Terrorist, Pro-Jesus or C) Anti-Terrorist, Anti-Jesus or D) Pro-Jesus, Pro-Terrorist. I still have no idea and googling the phrases here hasn't gotten me any closer to finding out. I was so confused that I think I even had the following conversation with Jo-Jo, my 3-card poker dealer.

Me: I just don't get that sticker, Jo-Jo.
Jo-Jo: You play?
Me: I mean, okay, so the 'shmissionary' leads me to believe it's probably anti-Jesus, but where do the terrorists come into play, Jo-Jo?
Jo-Jo: You need put chip down now.
Me: Maybe I should go back and take another look at the sidewalk. Of course, I'd have to ask the guys handing out the dancer cards to move again. I don't know, there probably aren't any more clues.
Jo-Jo: I decide play. You lose.
Me: Hmm, didn't I used to have money?
Jo-Jo: Maybe 'The Terrorist' is clever rapper name.
Me: Hey, Jo-Jo, can I borrow ten dollars for a chocolate croissant and some coffee?
Jo-Jo: Shmissionary could be his label, I suppose. I should google this during my next twenty minute break.
Me: Seriously, Jo-Jo, who cares about the sticker? I don't know how I'm going to pay for the taxi to the airport. I'm hungry and cold and maybe have scurvy.
New Dealer: I'll be here for twenty minutes, guys. So, anyone see anything interesting on the sidewalk today? Hold on, sir. Before you start talking, you need to know that question was for players with chips on the table.

Oh, and then there was the time when Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier threatened my dog. Let's see how she's doing right now:

Seems fine. You lose again, Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier.

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