Exhibit 16.10

I'll be in Chicago from tomorrow morning until Sunday for a conference and reading fair that shares my initials, an odd move on my part as I have no clear association with a university and dislike 'fairs' that don't serve cotton candy. While I'm looking forward to seeing people I used to know, I really have no idea what goes on during this conference that requires my five-day presence. My guess: throat clearing.

I'll be there in service of The Cupboard which means Dave and I will be at table #368 with Octopus and Rope-a-Dope. You should stop by and say hello as long as you're not coming to kick me out for lying about student status and then admitting it (twice) online.

(Hold on, I have to check into my flight. I'm an A! This is going well.)

Should you stop by and say hello, I will likely say one of the following things to you:

* "No, sir, I do not care to wrestle." - if you're John Irving

* "I'm sorry I threw a stick at you." - if you're a girl named Megan who lived by my friend Ryan when I was 6 and who I once hit with a stick when I meant to hit someone else because there was a time in my youth, around age 6 I guess, when I thought it might be a good idea to throw a stick at someone standing near a girl named Megan who lived by my friend Ryan, but I haven't held on to the particulars, only the guilt

* "Who are you? Oh, I don't follow ice soccer." - if you're Calder Trophy winning Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane

* "I didn't think you could get any whiter. Zing, take that Updike's ghost!" - if you're Updike's ghost

* "Opposition to the stimulus package based on a wariness of increased government debt is an absurd position given the already massive deficits projections which, of course, will only get much worse should the economic downturn prove permanent. Balancing the budget may very well be a noble goal, but it's simply not a priority when faced with a potential world-wide depression, the collapse of the banking system, and two foreign wars. Even if balancing the budget were possible--it isn't--it would mean putting millions more out of work, sucking capital from a world desperately short on it, and choosing the worst time possible to haphazardly watch what happens when states, banks, and large corporations go bankrupt because of some poorly thought out political philosophy extrapolated from a desire to protect wealth many of its adherents do not actually have." - if you're unfortunate

* "Anyone want to get out of here and go see Coraline?" - if you're seeing me after the first hour

* "Stop rejecting me." - if you're the editor of Tin House or anyone I'm playing basketball against

* "Who wants to go to the Apple store?" - if you're catching me at a weak moment

* "I'm not sure about this sweater I'm wearing. It's seems maybe too thin for the temperature outside but I'm also thinking that since I'm going to be inside for most of the day in a large room with a lot of people milling about...yeah, this sweater is fine. Still, I don't know how I feel about it. What if there aren't a lot of people? I'm going to be there for like eight hours unless someone wants to go see Coraline so I should maybe wear something else. No, it's fine. It's fine. I just wish I had a way to check for Royals news. Oh, a McDonald's and they're still serving breakfast! [circus music]" - if you're listening to my internal monologue.

* "Yes, yes I would like another." - if you're going to the bar (or unexpectedly selling cotton candy at the fair)

* "That's a different Adam Peterson. I'm that one who murders people. Oh, even better, the guy in the orchid society. Yeah, that one. I'd like to be that one." - if you're mentioning this blog

I can't imagine I'll have cause to say anything else all week. Unless someone wants to talk about pitchers and catchers reporting. I'll have plenty to say about that.

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