Exhibit 15.12

Friend, writer, and all-star blogger Chris Higgs tagged me to do one of those seven things about myself chains, and I'm honored to have a spot on his list of luminaries (it's the only list Kanye West and I both appear on that isn't a list of people banned from a certain Macon-area Waffle House). That said, I had no intention of actually participating until I realized I had nothing else to post today. It was either do the list or begin my painstakingly detailed character guide for Fox's new hit drama Fringe so...

1) Adam Peterson couldn't live with what he did.
2) Adam Peterson gave up the dream.
3) Adam Peterson is second from the left.
4) Adam Peterson lost a father.
5) Adam Peterson is in favor of expanding the existing hog feeding facility.
6) Adam Peterson is bone stock.
7) Adam Peterson was 25.

I figure one Adam Peterson is as good as another.

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christopher higgs said...

As a murderer slash suicide, you had a good beard.