Exhibit 13.3

Last night I went to see Tell No One at the Ross. (Very good movie, by the way. Not perfect, but genuinely gripping and about as touching a mystery as you'll find. You should see it although tonight is its last night in Lincoln and you're already going to the Clean Part reading).

The Ross, if you've never been, has a wide hallway with a theater on the left side, a theater on the right, and a concession stand at the end of the hallway. Often times it's very quiet and empty except for the employees. Last night after I purchased my ticket I walked into the hallway and between me and the oddly shuttered concession stand was a table with the guy who played McLovin in Superbad sitting there and staring at me. Sure, there were a couple of other people hanging around but it was clear this was all about McLovin because as soon as I came around the corner they all stopped talking and waited to see if I was going to:

A) Say, "Hey, you're McLovin" to the guy who was McLovin
B) Say, "Hey, you're not McLovin" to one of the guys who wasn't McLovin
C) Say, "Hey, why is the concession stand closed? I wanted some Whoppers. Will you give me some Whoppers, McLovin?"

Yes, Option C was on the table even though I didn't want Whoppers or feel confident that McLovin would have given me some even if I'd asked.

I said none of these things, of course, but I did get to walk about ten awkward feet in complete silence toward the table before taking a hard left into my own theater. This action surely disappointed McLovin who presumably said, "Hey, that guy's not McLovin" to one of the guys who was also not McLovin.

Today, this article tipped me off to the fact that he was in town to introduce a sneak preview of his new movie at the Ross and to referee a beer pong tournament downtown. Which is also weird because my beer pong tournament was refereed by the guy who played Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite, but he was cool about it.

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