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D.M.'s great letter to the editor has already been overshadowed by this beauty from reader/philosopher/literary scholar Richard Terrell:

  • Rand’s book brought to life
  • Fifty years ago, Ayn Rand wrote a scathing fictional exposure of the twisted psychology of compassion-mongers, do-gooders and their “looter” friends in governmental bureaucracies whose constant appeal is to people whose whole social vision amounts to whining about “fairness.” The novel is “Atlas Shrugged,” and today’s political scenarios are bringing to life Rand’s exposure of those who seek power in order to take from people who have created and earned something in order to give to those who haven’t.
  • The main villain in Rand’s story is a character named Wesley Mouch. Barack Obama is the real life incarnation of this character, who promises to punish successful small businesspeople by taking, through governmental force, the product of their labor to reward other people who he thinks should benefit from it.
  • In the novel, creative and intelligent people decide to withdraw from the system, in essence go on strike. Society, left to parasites, complainers and various “victims,” erodes into chaos.
  • Obama’s uncharacteristic candor in a recent discussion with an Ohio small businessman, in which he admitted that he would inhibit that man’s success in order to “help” others of his choosing, let Obama’s cat out of the bag. Already, small businesspeople across the United States are thinking seriously about shutting down their businesses, of deciding to no longer validate a system that would loot their creativity on behalf of undeserving, perhaps even corrupt people.
  • This is a novel that is much hated, especially by utopian totalitarians everywhere, for its power of exposure and clarification of the sick mentality that animates the likes of Obama and his hordes of followers.
  • Richard Terrell, Lincoln
Mr. Terrell and I need to get together so I can discuss with him my theories about how Fox's new hit drama Fringe is perfectly analogous to an Obama presidency.

Capt. Daniels-->Obama (because of skin color/hot when shirtlessness)
Pacey-->Harry Reid (because of blandness)
Girl Cop-->Girl Speaker of the House (because of girl)
Science-->A Recalibration of the Progressive Income Tax (because of people saying you can't do that and them saying oh yes we can watch wow)
Walter-->? (because not knowing is the scariest part of it all)


Dusty said...

I saw this, and once again was reminded never to read Ayn Rand, and always to write off immediately anyone who brandishes her books as being about "interesting" or "new" or "daring" ideas.

Did you see this?

A. Peterson said...

Oh, wow, I did not. I was, of course, joking about his title. What kind of an artist would you be if you're still going on about Ayn Rand? Let's check!

A. Peterson said...

So as not to be a jerk, I should add that I actually found his paintings--well, maybe just the first one--surprisingly okay.

This only reaffirms my desire to get him in a room so we can share crazy theories about how art, when interpreted in the most base, political way imaginable, can predict the future.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen Fringe, than Ayn Rand story is just like this one movie I saw about a guy who lived in Nottingham Forest. He was a really good archer and he, like pandered to compassion-mongers all the time by stealing little bags of gold from rich guys and then give them to "people of his choosing." That is messed up.