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Continuing on with today's theme of small, useless posts:

I was looking something up and happened to stumble across the IMDb page for the movie Joy Ride (don't ask what kind of research brought me in contact with the IMDb page for Joy Ride. It's best if you don't ask questions like that). Anyway, I nearly spit coffee on the screen when I saw that that Paul Walker vehicle had come out in 2001. Really? I thought. That can't be. 2001? No, no way. Not Joy Ride.

Now, keep in mind, I've never even seen Joy Ride. Nor have I ever even thought about seeing it. I'm sure it's great. Or awful. Whatever. What shocked me is that I knew it had the aforementioned Walker, Steve Zahn, and I was pretty sure the girl was Leelee Sobieski (yep), but if I had to put money on it I would have guessed it came out in 2004 or 2005 at the earliest.

There was even a pretty big event that happened less than a month before the movie's October 2001 release and while you may think something like that would cement an era's most popular songs, books, and Paul Walker slasher flicks into a brain, I guess that's not really the case.

Oh, I should have mentioned in addition to being useless, this is also one of those trite "Boy, time sure does advance in a surprisingly quick and incontrovertibly linear fashion" posts. I look forward to doing another in May 2015 when I am shocked to find out that even though I remember ever single person in Eagle Eye, I don't remember that the day it opened I hit someone with my car and didn't stop to see if they were okay.

Best not to ask questions about that too.

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jimStock said...

Joy Ride is one of the first dvd's I purchased. It is both aweful and amazing at once. It was the CERN collider of its time and will leave you haunted by the reality that, yes, semi-truck operators do want you dead.