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This video makes me very sad.

I actually saw the link to this story as "Kansas College Debate Coach Moons Judge." I immediately knew who it was. Jeff, if you haven't seen it, I bet you can guess who it is too. It's now getting a bit of national attention since it's A) Completely Hilarious and B) Completely Insane.

Bill Shanahan's wife was my (much beloved) high school debate coach, and she's in the video following her husband around and trying to calm him down as he jumps up and down swearing and, at one point, "mooning" the judge (does it count as mooning if only underwear is shown? I don't know who decides these things). In his defense, the other judge seems to have instigated the argument after the FHSU debate team asked for her score to be struck (they didn't think she judged them fairly in earlier debates, apparently). She seemed to think it was because of her race. Bill seemed to think it would be a good idea to pick this fight. Someone seemed to think it was a good idea to put this on YouTube.

So one person was right, at least.

Bill Shanahan is a generous and nice (though eccentric) guy 99% of the time and out of control for that other 1%. I feel bad for him and Kim, and hope this doesn't cost him his job since he's a phenomenal debate coach and a remarkable asset for an otherwise mundane town like Hays. Obviously he has a problem with anger (and--in my humble opinion--hair length) but it would be a shame to lose him.

If you're into theory, you'd really love Bill as he's the innovator of an argument called a "Kritik." The wikipedia article is fascinating.

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Pete said...

Yeah, I can't say I'm shocked.

There is usually a thin line between being eccentric and being a total dickhead and shanahan straddles that line every so often.